DGCIS, Kolkata

Note on SEZ data inclusion in March 09 Brochure:



The merchandise exports/imports through Special Economic Zones (SEZ) of India have been included in the 2008-09 data. The data pertaining to the year 2007-08 given in this publication excludes merchandise exports/imports from SEZ, except SEEPZ SEZ of Mumbai and Monikanchan & Falta SEZ of West Bengal , as the detailed transaction-wise commodity by country data were not received during 2007-08.



Transaction-wise non-EDI export data from Delhi Air Cargo for 2008-09 have not yet been received, instead month-wise total value of exports of Rs.14871.84crores during 2008-09 have been supplied by Delhi Air Cargo which has been included in this publication against unspecified commodity/country.